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    Pentesting Agent - Advanced

    Become a complete penetration testing professional with advanced tools and techniques.

    Skill Path Overview
    Penetration testing is becoming one of the most important roles in information security with the increased need for and importance of companies and organizations to secure their digital infrastructure. This learning path will take your penetration testing skills to the new level, as you'll gain ground in web application testing, bug bounty hunting and reverse engineering, while you'll learn popular tools such as Nmap and OWASP ZAP.

    Who Is This For
    Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers, Red team professionals, offensive security professionals, security consultants, Network Engineers involved in the security domain and intending to take the penetration testing skills to the next level.

    What You Will Learn
    Setting up your pentesting environment with Nmap
    Working knowledge on pentesting with OWASP Zap
    Learn web application penetration testing the right way.

    Gain Skills
    This learning path will prepare you for various skills in Pentesting Agent - Advanced

    Key Skills
    Penetration Testing
    Zero Day
    Ethical Hacking
    Cyber Attacks
    Reverse Engineering

    Prepare for Jobs
    This learning path will prepare you for various job roles in Pentesting Agent - Advanced

    Job Roles
    Exploitation Analyst
    Cyber Defense Analyst

    Intermediate-level penetration testing and ethical hacking skills.
    Deep understanding of networking and cybersecurity concepts.
    Shell scripting skills.


    Detect, contain and eliminate any breaches to your network as well as minimize the cost of remediation.

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Walkthrough 1: LibHTTPD1.2
    Chapter 3: Walkthrough 2: SLMail 5.5
    Chapter 4: Walkthrough 3: Exploiting Crossfire
    Chapter 5: Walkthrough 4: Egghunters
    Chapter 6: Advanced Offensive Techniques


    NMAP Tips, Tricks, and Secrets every hacker should know!

    Chapter 1: Course Introduction and Lab Setup
    Chapter 2: Nmap Essentials
    Chapter 3: Nmap Scripting Engine Part 1: Basic Scripts
    Chapter 4: Nmap Scripting Engine Part 2: Enumeration
    Chapter 5: Nmap Scripting Engine Part 3: Web App Hacking
    Chapter 6: Integrating Nmap
    Chapter 7: Exploring Graphical Nmap Tools
    Chapter 8: NSE Advance Step
    Chapter 9: Analyzing
    Chapter 10: Vulnerability Audit
    Chapter 11: Taking It to The Next Level: Nmap Scripting


    Learn how to hack websites and web applications like black hat hackers, and to secure them from hackers

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Course Preparation: Lab Setup
    Chapter 3: Useful Information Before We Start
    Chapter 4: Footprint and Reconaissance
    Chapter 5: File Upload Vulnerability
    Chapter 6: Code Execution Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 7: Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 8: Remote File Inclusion Vulnerabilities
    Chapter 9: Introduction to SQL Injection
    Chapter 10: SQLi on HTTP Post Requests
    Chapter 11: SQLi on HTTPS Get Requests
    Chapter 12: Advanced SQLi
    Chapter 13: Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    Chapter 14: BeEF Framework
    Chapter 15: Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    Chapter 16: Password Attacks
    Chapter 17: Advanced Web Hacking and Automation
    Chapter 18: Conclusion


    Learn pentesting with complete hands-on practical course

    Chapter 1: Introduction and Setup
    Chapter 2: Configuration and Features
    Chapter 3: Vulnerability Assessment of Web Applications
    Chapter 4: Penetration Testing of Web Applications
    Chapter 5: Reporting


    Learn to hunt for high-impact vulnerabilities and become a bug hunting pro, mastering bug bounties from recon to report!

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Bug Bounty
    Chapter 2: Reconnaissance
    Chapter 3: Web Application Exploitation
    Chapter 4: Software Exploitation
    Chapter 5: Android Exploitation
    Chapter 6: Reporting


    Understanding the Basics of Assembly Language, OS Internals, and Legal Protection Software

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Legal Software Protection Reversing


    Understanding Protected Binaries, Non-Executables and Basics of Malware Analysis

    Chapter 1: Dealing with Protected Binaries
    Chapter 2: Dealing with Non-Executables
    Chapter 3: Malware Analysis

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